Volunteer & Support


1. Check sign-up sheet on Monday and Tuesday and inform the chairman of the number attending. Close the potluck at 140. Pick up the sheet if the number is drawing near to prevent going over. There are usually some late responders. See attached rules for the potlucks established by the OTYC Board 6/11/94. 

2. Make certain enough tables and chairs are set up. The table set up should be completed before noon on the day of the dinner. 

3. Arrange for 2 bartenders. Set ups are $.25. 

4. Arrange for a person to give the invocation. 

5. Prepare flowers for the Commodore's table and buffet table. 

6. Pick up the potluck grocery order at the Country Store before you arrive at the club. (The order will be made by the potluck chairman who will also order dessert.) Please ask Sunny for a receipt and give it to the potluck chairman. 

7. Arrive at the club by 5:30. Cocktails at 6:00; dinner 6:45. 

8. Place numbers on the tables and arrange for someone to let tables go to the food line one at a time. 

9. At 6:45 start placing the food on the tables. Help keep the serving table neat. 

10. Pass sign up sheet for the following week. Place sign up sheet on bulletin board at the end of the event. 

11. The Potluck Chairman will provide you with two money receptacles and cash for each--one for the bar and one for general collection. Have adults collect money from each table as follows: Adults $3.00, Children 7-12 $2.00; Children under 7 free. Funds pay for kitchen help, dessert and other supplies. Please collect these fees when people start eating. 

12. Pay Peggy $90.00. There should be an envelope for Peggy along with the starting cash. 

13. Return potluck and bar receipts to potluck chairman listed above. If Potluck chairman is not in attendance, deliver money and two cash receptacles to chairman (or commodore) the next day. 

14. Arrange for children to pass the desserts. 

15. Be the last to leave. All tables should be clean. Close the club. Be sure the doors and windows upstairs are closed and all ground level doors locked and outside shades rolled up. Closing instructions for the building are on the bulletin board.